A Dangerous Day?

Supposedly daylight savings time save energy. I guess maybe there is a small savings, but on the whole, is it really worth it?

Think about it. The Friday before this silly thing started, people were driving to work in daylight. The Monday after, they are driving to work in the dark, and they haven’t had quite enough sleep. So more accidents are likely to happen. No savings there.

When those sleepy heads do get to work, they are just a tad sleepier than normal and as a general rule, sleepy people are not at their most productive. No savings there either.

I am not the only one thinking about this. So I Googled it. Look what I found.

USA Today  In fact this dumb practice is actually costing MORE energy! And it is dangerous to our health!

Daylight Saving Time is Bad for Your Health I knew it!

There is a lot more,  just Google it for yourself.

Two states seem to be smarter than the rest, Arizona and Hawaii do not observe DST (Daylight Saving Time). maybe I should move.

So how did all this silliness start?  If you really want to know, this article on  WebExhibits is pretty thorough and very interesting.

Rant over.