Trash Can Trouble

Yesterday I bought a new kitchen trash can. It is black to match the appliances.

When I got it home, I wanted to remove the huge label proclaiming it was made by Good Housekeeping, so started to peel off the label.

It started to come off ok, then ripped and the label wouldn’t peel any more, then the fun started.

It left a big gummy patch that just wouldn’t come off.


I scrubbed and scrubbed.  Since the can has a shiny surface I didn’t want to scratch it and tried to be careful.  I put a damp rag on it, the gummy stuff wouldn’t come off. I spayed it with Fantastic and it still wouldn’t come off.

After about thirty minutes of trying to get this gunk off the new trash can, I looked on the Internet for a solution.

(What took me so long? I usually go to the Internet for everything!)

Seems like there are a number of ways to get rid of gummy stuff left behind by hard to remove labels on glass. I decided to try one method mentioned, dab it with baby oil and let it set a minute.

That worked. I still had to scrub a bit, but it all came off and now my new trash can looks like it should.


All nice and shiny!