I Don’t Want Your Newsletter Anymore

I like newsletters, at least some of them. But occasionally I find a newsletter that just doesn’t cut it and I decide to unsubscribe.

They make it oh so easy to subscribe.

But if you want to unsubscribe, some newsletters may result in this when you try:

“Sorry, there was a problem processing this request. One of these reasons might apply:
Your e-mail might have been accidentally flagged as spam. This is currently happening with mailinator accounts, but we’re working on a fix.
You may have already signed up for our mailing lists.
Our mailing server might be experiencing a temporary outage.
Please try signing up again later to see if the issue is resolved, or you can contact us at support@
some newsletter.com or during business hours, click on the red button at the top of the screen to speak to one of our Live Chat support staff. “

Really? As if I have oodles of time to waste trying to unsubscribe?

Another thing that I just don’t understand; why does it take only a minute or less to subscribe, but up to 10, 14 or more days for the unsubscribe to happen?

Sometimes it appears you successfully unsubscribed, but the newsletters just keep coming long after the time they tell you it may take. Eventually it seems they are just like spam that keeps coming and coming.  You can try again and again to unsubscribe, but it’s an exercise in futility.

So now I limit the newsletter I sign up for and usually just look for an RSS feed. Those are easy to stop and no more grief trying to unsubscribe.