Facebook Politics, Hoaxes and Fake News

When you see a political post on Facebook, do you do the following:

  1. Share without checking to see if it is accurate or fake news.
  2. Research the post.
  3. Ignore or ‘Hide’ the post.

I think most folks ‘Share without checking’. I have been guilty of that as well, but I am trying to do better.

When my ‘BS’ meter kicks in, I research and that has been happening a lot lately.

When someone posts an outrageous post (for the right or the left) I have been known to just ignore or hide the post.

I used to let folks who post a hoax know it is a hoax, but unless it is harmful, I now usually just let it go. Seems like it is usually the same folks posting those hoaxes, guess they are too gullible to learn.

Fake news is all over the Internet, including Facebook. The powers that be on Facebook are trying to stop fake news, but so far all I have seen are some ‘warnings’ about a post that are not accurate.

And now we know a lot of the stuff we have been sharing we shouldn’t have because that stuff was really being posted by the Russians!

I am not sure what the goal was for all of those ‘fake’ ads, maybe they were trying to influence the election, but I think they were trying to divide us and in that respect, they certainly succeeded.

This should be a wake-up call for all Facebook users. Instead of ‘sharing’ those nasty political posts, try to ignore them.

United we stand, divided we fall.  Let us not be divided!