One Day on Facebook

I usually log on to Facebook at least once a day. I used to go to Facebook more than I do now, because Facebook isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

Between all the political crap (and most of it is pure crap) and all those ads, I had been considering cancelling my Facebook account.

These so-called posts (ads) appeared between every three or four posts from friends. This was what was there on just one day:

Quicken Loans wants to let me know I can pay off my house at a furious pace using a Government program.

Dyson wants to sell me a cord free machine.

Spectrum  – Speeds starting at 60 Mbbs.

Instacar- -t Shop my favorite grocery store and they will deliver to my door.

LendingTree – -Reverse mortgage.

Hexa – Incontinance products.

Bank Account Reviews- -Find the best online banks

American Red Cross – They want me to leave them my money. (not a chance!)

Geico wants to sell me insurance.

WiFi Booster wants to sell me a booster. They also flashed a huge ‘sign up for email’ ad in my face.

Stearns and Foster wants to sell me a mattress.

Xarelto may owe me money

Opendoor wants to buy my house. (I don’t own one)

Stansberry Research wants to warn me I am going to lose my money ( I am sure I will lose some if I go to their site and sign up for whatever they are selling)

Home Gather wants to sell me a home cheap.

Wall Street journal wants to sell me a subscription.

Peak Chiropractic and Rehab thinks I have pain.

All of these so-called posts have one thing in common, at the top or close to the tops, this:

or this:

Ad Block does not stop these ads!

I tried blocking them.

That stopped one and I think three more took its place!

I recently installed an app called F.B. Purity so I could make Facebook always show the most recent posts. (No matter how many times I changed this setting, Facebook always wants me to see the ‘Top stories’ when I log in. I don’t know how they determine what is a top story, but that’s another issue.)

Then something great happened. I wasn’t seeing those ‘Sponsored’ posts anymore.

I checked F.B. Purity and found this!

F.B. Purity is great, I love it! Facebook is a bit more fun these days.

Now on to fix other issues with Facebook, like why when I click a link to another page in Facebook I can’t go back to where I was before I clicked that link!