Facebook Annoyances

Why won’t Facebook let me see the ‘Most Recent’ posts instead of ‘Top Stories’? And how do they determine what is a ‘Top Story’? I want a setting to always show ‘Most recent!

There are some posts on Facebook that make me want to just leave.

For instance,

“I’m going to see who really cares…”

“I need a hug or two! To give me a hug, Like and Share this post.
I know who will hug me and who will not.”


“Share if you agree.” This is usually a post that tries to make you feel guilty if you don’t share.

Hoaxes. Facebook users post so many hoaxes. They are like the energizer bunny, they just keep going and going, seeming like forever.

Fake news. There are political fake news sites for both parties. Usually these sites are so ridiculous I don’t see how anyone with an iota of intelligence would believe them, but then again, I suspect there are some folks who believe.

There are also wild tales generally with photo-shopped pictures. I doubt most viewers believe but as I said before some folks will believe.

Facebook used to be fun. It still is at times which is why I still use it, but I must take it in small doses.