Wondering Why

Why does Chevrolet think actors aren’t ‘real people’?  If they aren’t real people, what are they? Androids?

Are the ‘Real people’ in those ads real? I am not the only one to wonder, just look at the Consumerist.

Why when I click a link to someone’s page on Facebook and then click the back arrow why doesn’t Facebook take me back to the place I just left? Annoying!

Do people read the side effects on all those drug ads? If they do read them, do they still take those drugs? Why? Even those side effects that can include death? ‘Ask your doctor if death is right for you!’.

What is this bar? Can’t close it even though there is a X on it.

Why does every website I visit assume I want to sign up for their newsletter?

Why does my computer keep losing Internet Connection?

Why do people pay a lot of money for jeans with holes in them? And for heaven’s sake, why would anyone want to wear these?