The Internet

Ah the Internet! Full of the most interesting things. Educational things, documentaries, funny stuff, sad stuff and of course all those cat videos.

But there is a dark side to the Internet as well. Hackers and scammers just to name a few.

One of the biggest problems on the Internet are the folks with agendas. Some of them are so clever you really don’t realize what is happening.

There is software available that can edit any video to make it seem something entirely different from the original.

There is software that can edit any photo to make it look different than the original by adding or subtracting objects or people.

When you see one of these edited videos or photos you probably won’t be able to tell if it has been altered in any way.

So how can you know what to believe?  Just be skeptical. If it seems really out of character for someone, check it out. Don’t let your personal beliefs persuade you it must be true, just because you think it is, or would like it to be true.

Agendas can be in places where you would least suspect them. They can be in schools, churches, social gatherings and even families. They can be extremely subtle or outright blatant, but agendas are every where.

Then there are the conspiracy theories. Some are really bizarre, but others are rather believable, especially if they fit what you want to believe.. Usually these conspiracy  theories are started by someone with a not so hidden agenda, Some may have a bit of truth but are so exaggerated it’s hard to see how people can believe them. The sad truth is the Internet has made folks gullible!

If you find that hard to believe,  just look at all the hoaxes out there! First they came in in our email and now on social networking sites like Facebook. Some hoaxes were so outlandish it’s hard to believe that anyone fell for them, but they did by the thousands and passed them on to everyone in their contact list or on Facebook.

Still I would not want to be without the Internet. If it weren’t for the Internet I wouldn’t be able to stream TV and I would still be paying outrageous cable bills. I wouldn’t be able to shop online (that might be good, though).

Good or bad, agenda, conspiracy theories, jokes and cat videos, I still love the Internet!