Block Those Scamming Robo Calls

Yesterday morning  I received one of those fake IRS scam calls. I didn’t answer the phone but the scumbag left a threatening message on my answer machine. Guess this might be a new tactic, but then again I’ve been told my voicemail message sounds like me and not a canned message. (Sometimes I get a message ‘Press one or Press two’. These from my health insurer, no idea what that is about!)

I was pretty irked to say the least.

Previously I had tried to setup Nomorobo, but at that time it wasn’t available for Charter.

Since it is generally easier to delete voicemail messages while logged into my Charter account, I logged in to delete the message.

Wonderful! Nomorobo is now available! I set it up last night and this morning it has already blocked one of those ‘Toll Free Calls’.

I am delighted!

If you are interested in blocking robocalls, check to see if you can get Nomorobo for your phone.

It’s about time we can fight back!